Couple has wedding in Hospital: Pictures

Wedding in Hospital
Wedding in Hospital


It’s the day that every girl dreams about – her wedding day. The groom of her dreams, a pretty dress, bridesmaids and a reception – where everyone will ooh and ahh for weeks after.
For one Kimberley bride, though it wasn’t exactly the day that she had planned, she still married her groom.
Godfrey Mogorosi and Winnie Mothibi were set to be married in Jan Kempdorp on Saturday. However, in an exclusive this past weekend the DFA received an unexpected invite to attend the couple’s wedding not in Jan Kempdorp, as planned, but at Mediclinic Gariep.

“This is the first time that we have had a wedding at Mediclinic Gariep. We have had engagements here but never a wedding,” hospital spokesperson Denise Coetzee said.

Mogorosi was admitted to the hospital for treatment on Friday. This, however, was just a small hiccup as it was agreed between the families on Friday night that no matter what, the wedding would still go ahead, even if it meant that they had to say their “I do’s” in a hospital ward.
All the preparations were made for them to marry on Saturday so it was an easy decision to make for the wedding to go ahead, although it is with mixed feelings that we are here today. It isn’t easy seeing him in a hospital bed. He will be back to full health soon,” the mother of the groom, Mpho Veronica Mogorosi, said.

Wedding in Hospital

“My motherly heart is overjoyed at how positive he was with the change of plan. I also have a great new addition to the family. Winnie is a marvellous girl.”

Mogorosi and Mothibi’s romance started when they both worked at the agriculture ministry.
We started at more or less the same time in 2014. Winnie was a social worker and I worked in the MEC’s Office. During the course of my duties, I was forced to assist in the wellness programme which she was running. We started out as colleagues, then we became friends then we welcomed our first daughter into the world in 2016,” Mogorosi said.

The happy couple will welcome another little girl later this week.

“None of us knew we would be sitting here on our wedding day, but God has his own timing. I’m barely going to be out of the hospital when the hospital will have to make room for another Mogorosi,” he quipped.
What a way to start your married life,” Winnie chimed in. “We got married in Mediclinic Gariep and guess where we will be spending our honeymoon?” Winnie said with a twinkle in her eye.

Wedding in Hospital

Mediclinic Gariep made a ward available for the couple, their entourage and family to celebrate their special day. “It was just something small we could do to make the couple feel special,” Coetzee said.

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