Cosatu, Nehawu call for Minister Senzo Mchunu to step aside


Labour federation Cosatu says it supports the call for Public Service and Administration Minister Senzo Mchunu to step aside. This was after Mchunu on Monday called on the public to come forward with proposals that might assist in resolving the deadlock on the public service wage negotiations between the government and organised labour. The parties reached a stalemate on Friday.Unions are demanding a 4% plus increase.

During a media briefing last week, Mchunu said the wage negotiations were the most difficult ones yet between the parties.

This was based on several factors, among them the bad state of the economy, Covid-19, the outcome in the Labour Appeal Court which organised labour was appealing and had taken to the Constitutional Court, and the need for urgent reform in the public service.
Nehawu on Monday called for Mchunu’s removal of office.

Federation spokesperson Sizwe Pamla described the minister’s appeal to the public as “the most ridiculous and nonsensical statement”. He added that the department has reached the pinnacle of mediocrity.

Senzo Mchunu

“After exhausting itself from pursuing wrong-headed and cartoonish ideas to try and fix the economy, this administration is now resorting to savage populism by clumsily trying to set up its own employees against the members of the public.

The federation agrees with its affiliated union, Nehawu, that the Minister of Public Service and Administration needs to do the right thing by stepping aside because he is out of his depth. Even before this absurd stunt, the president’s wisdom to keep Minister Senzo Mchunu in this portfolio has not been obvious to the federation.

“He has so far failed to show that he can handle the challenges of the office, confront big problems and that he possesses the governing techniques necessary to resolve the challenges facing the public service,” he said.

Pamla added that it is bizarre for the minister to be going around asking for possible solutions when the ANC that deployed him and his colleagues have given them a clear mandate.

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