Cornwall Hill College apologises to parents and pupils for delay in transformation


Cornwall Hill College (CHC) in Irene, Pretoria – which is at the centre of allegations of racism – has publicly apologized to pupils and parents for the delay in transforming the private school.

On Monday morning, CHC’s executive principal Leon Kunneke apologized on behalf of the school’s executive management for the slow pace of transformation.

He said the transformation was one of the country’s pressing and most critical issues.

“We’ve taken heed of the complaints raised, received the memorandum, and stand before you today as the college’s leadership to renew our commitment in moving forward with speed, focus, and determination in order to ensure diversity and representation throughout all levels of the college,” he said.

Earlier, parents and pupils held a peaceful protest outside the prestigious school calling for an end to racism and unfair treatment of black pupils.

Some held placards that read: “More teachers that look like me”, “protect our kids, stop interpersonal and systemic racism at CHC” and “my hair is none of your business”.

This follows a stand-off last week between parents and school officials over racism allegations. Parents called for the resignation of the headmaster, saying he failed to ensure the school promoted diversity and dealt with incidents of racism.

‘Racism ends here and no further’

Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi earlier met with the school’s management.

Lesufi said racism would not be tolerated at the school and its policies would be reviewed.

“We want to enter this school and build a South Africa that all of us can be proud of. To the leadership of the school, to the parents, and to all of us my children, I can tell you now – and I’m declaring this – racism ends here and no further.

“I can commit on behalf of this school that no one will be mistreated from now on. I can commit on behalf of this school, that we will have teachers that will represent all of us in this school,” he said.

“I can commit on behalf of this school, that all the policies will be reviewed so that all of these policies must accommodate all of us.”

-The Citizen

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