Cassper Nyovest says self-love is the key to happiness

1555391104 Cassper Nyovest 1
1555391104 Cassper Nyovest 1


While there’s no denying that Cassper Nyovest has become the king of flexing on these social media streets, the rapper has also made it his personal mission to preach self-love – and his latest sermon had Tsibipians shouting “Amen!” in agreement.

The rapper has been using his TL as a platform to sing his own praises, reasoning that not doing so is simply sleeping on his awesomeness.

Cassper Nyovest

Cassper said people who fail to up their self-esteem by themselves eventually became people who trolled others for their self-love.

Cassper Nyovest
We are so mean to ourselves and it makes us feel shit. Then we take it out on other people who are also hurting and then it creates such a war between us when the whole problem started within us. It’s a cycle. Hurt people, hurt people. Love yourself. Gas yourself up!” Cassper shared on his TL.

Cassper Nyovest

He went on to talk to his followers about his personal experiences in overcoming his struggles to love himself.

And – just because he can – he went and followed his own advice and gassed himself up! Bathathe wena, “good looking African man!”

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