Candice Modiselle: You glow differently



Candice Modiselle: You glow differently. Our celebrities are feeling the heat and they can’t keep up with it any more. So guess what are they doing? They are making themselves look hot too. At least this is what Generations: The Legacy actress Candice did, and we are loving her more than ever.

Raised by a single mother after losing her father in 1997. In 2013 Candice went to 18 auditions which she did not get. The media personality got her first TV job at 21. Things have been going smoothly for this young star. She bagged a new deal not so long ago. The brand is owned and run by 21-year-old entrepreneur Raeesa Choonara.

The media personality got her first TV job at 21. The star had an interview at Metro FM and she explained how the Modiselle house is run. While most of us were itching to leave the nest, one of Mzansi’s most popular sisters says the secret to happiness is actually staying with mama and pops at home. Who knew?

Candice told Metro FM that Refilwe was 32 and that she still stays at home with the rest of them, and that they all preferred it that way. “There is this pressure to move out but it just makes more sense to be at home…we (sisters) are still very close,” Candice said too often people move out but become a burden to their parents by doing so.

Check her latest pictures as she was among the celebrities that were present at the #ComeDineSA , check the pictures she posted on the show…

Candice Modiselle


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