Bree Taxi Rank shooting: JMPD denies links with security guards

The JMPD denies any links with people calling themselves security guards after a shooting at the Bree Taxi Rank in Johannesburg.

JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnaar says officers working with so-called security guards must be reported.

“No, those are people who allege to be security guards,” said Minnaar.

“They do not work for the JMPD and if anyone sees a JMPD officer working with any of these so-called security guards, must report this to us immediately”.

One person is in a critical condition after a security guard allegedly shot him in the face at the Bree Taxi Rank.

A terrified witness says he hid inside his stall on Sauer Street and caught the ensuing chaos on camera.

“I had to run away from my shop because there was too much stones, the witness said.

“I heard three gunshots which I could not tell – where they were coming.

“Next thing I hear people say someone was shot in the face.”

The man and other witnesses told eNCA how a group of hawkers started throwing stones at security guards.

The vendors accuse them of illegally confiscating their goods.

They say they have the protection of the Johannesburg Metro Police Department.

No arrests have yet been made.

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Source: eNCA

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