Boity Thulo’s mom in hot water over @nal s-e-x tweet

Thulo claims to have seen ‘many people dying from constant anal sex’ after years working in the medical field. Modiehi Thulo, mother to celebrity Boity Thulo, found herself having to explain her position on anal s-e-x after claiming on Monday that she has seen many people dying from constant anal s-e-x.Thulo was responding to a tweet from the popular “Sco pa tu manaa?” trend.

What does “Sco pa tu manaa?” mean? The trend began when a post containing the phrase went viral leading to questions about what it meant.

Modiehi Thulo

Those who had seen the post over and over again tried to use Google translate in order to decipher its meaning but could not arrive at a comprehensive answer.

Modiehi Thulo

For now, Twitter has reached a consensus that it means what does this make you think of?” and users have been tweeting images and phrases in an effort to solicit comment from other users about certain topics.

Modiehi Thulo

As such, Thulo shared her thoughts on anal s-e-x by tweeting: “I’ve seen many, many people dying from constant anal s-e-x. The muscles on the anus don’t contract back after s-e-x, once the sphincter muscle laxity is reached, nothing can be retained. Hence people start wearing adult napkins. phrase was initially thought to have been of Asian origin but this has since been disproven and it has gone on to be attributed to various languages.
The tweet which has since been liked over 900 times, shared 700 times and received over 300 responses sparked a conversation about how factual the claims in her tweet are.

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