Boity Thulo: Living like a BOSS #WCW

Boity T
Boity T


Boity Thulo: Living like a BOSS #WCW. The star has opened up about her passion for music and she has revealed that one of her most inspirers was late Motswako rapper HHP. Boity Thulo is not letting up on her new found career as a music artist, she released her new track and said she says was partly inspired by late Motswako rapper HHP.

Boity Thulo has come a long way in her career in the entertainment industry. The evolution of her journey spans as far back as when she had her first stint on a Wimpy commercial and she is now one of the most famous women in Africa.


She is living the bossy life and l mean who would blame her after all the success she has endured in the past few years. Everything has been going good for her. Anything that she touches just turns to gold.

Boity Thulo

Have you noticed the love she has for these Louis Vitton belts? or is it just me. Almost all her latest pictures she is rocking these Louis Vitton belts. Showing her taste in fashion is also great again.

Boity Thulo

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