Boity Thulo: I’m the wake up call to all of you who overslept

Boity Thulo: I’m the wake-up call to all of you who overslept! Yes that is exactly what the beautiful lady is saying and indeed she is a call that is waking up all those who are oversleeping.

Boity Thulo

Actress, TV host, entrepreneur, musician and a Legend in the making, Boitumelo Thulo aka Boity is that one person where that saying which says, ‘hard-working pays’, is applicable. She is not turning back on her hustle and she is after that ‘bag’ until she catches it.

Boity Thulo

Besides being mostly known for her beauty, Boity has for many times caused stir in many different activities which have actually made her who she is today.

Boity Thulo

Taking to her Instagram, she said, “I’m the wake up call to all of y’all who overslept” 💫👑 📷. From our understanding, she is trying to say sleep less and go work. Of which it is true, there is no way you can become rich or have money without working for it.

Boity Thulo

She also went on to say, ‘“Get that money, get that bag!” 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💰💰💰💥💥💥#OwnYourThrone👑 📷.

Boity Thulo

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