Boity in that blue number is our #WCW

Boity 5
Boity 5


Boity in that blue number is our #WCW and we can’t seem to get enough of her. It’s never too late to appreciate beauty and we thought we should celebrate how beautiful Boity looks.

The Mzansi Rapper and TV personality Boitumelo Thulo aka Boity took to Instagram where she shared these amazing pictures. Talk about fashion goals, that’s the look Boity is definitely aiming for. That blue number was tailor-made for her and she definitely looks amazing.

💙 #WCW 💙 | 👗: @fashionnever 🔥 #OwnYourThrone👑

If you have that Zando or Spree voucher I suggest you pull it out and go hunting for that amazing skirt and top. Not to mention those shoes or the earrings you will definitely need your Credit Card for this. All in all, Boity knows how to make that blue number look amazing. What do you think?

I Love you! 😘👑💙 #OwnYourThrone👑

With over 2.6 Million Instagram followers, the bakae hitmaker was really looking to make a statement with that blue number. But then we wondered what other colour really brings out Boity’s beauty and then we found this video…

In the video, Boity is rocking and yellow skirt and top that just makes her look like a Queen… She is definitely owning that throne and she just looks so WOW.

Which colour does it for you blue or yellow? I like the blue better…

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