BET is filming a new biopic for singer Lebo Mathosa

Lebo Mathosa
Lebo Mathosa


BET is filming a new biopic for singer Lebo Mathosa. Chanel 129 BET has announced their plans to film a biopic based on Lebo Mathosa’s life. And you could be the star.

Titled The Lebo Mathosa Story, the film “will be based on the singer’s incredible life story while taking viewers on a journey to the 1990s for a taste of the kwaito revolution”.

Producers put out an Instagram post describing the upcoming project and explaining how they hoped to attract a new star to play the title role by holding open auditions.

The auditions will take place on Sunday, March 31, at the Sky Rink Studios in Johannesburg, for people who have the “Voice, moves, and acting skills” to pull off the part.

Lebo Mathosa


Minnie Dlamini’s shocking tweet

Minnie Dlamini’s shocking tweet. For the longest of time, South Africa’s self-proclaimed, ‘Diamond’, Minnie Dlamini – Jones has mostly been fairly responsible on various social media platforms. During the last part of the tweet, she assumed that most ladies should know what she’s was talking about.

However, quite recently, she stirred up her Twitter feed when she tweeted about how particular male genitals can be hypnotising and thus causing one, especially ladies to lose all sense of logic and consciousness.

Minnie Dlamini

Some of her legions of fans shared her sentiments but also scores of them were left shaken by Minnie’s tweets as not such unsavoury content would be expected from a celebrity of her stature…MORE HERE

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