Azania and her daughter Shamiso look so much alike


When children are born, family members often argue about who they look like the most between the parents, or even other family members. But when it comes to V Entertainment presenter, Shamiso, there’s absolutely no debate: her media personality mom, Azania takes the cup and there no other contenders. From their ridiculously good looks to their talent for presenting, 42-year-old Azania and 20-year-old Shamiso are like in looks and talent.


We’ve compiled a list of photos that will have you doing a double take of the mother-daughter duo. The mother and daughter duo don’t only look alike, but they also share a very special bond. A bond that Azania is never afraid to talk about. In a recent Instagram post, Azania wrote a heartfelt message about being a parent to her gorgeous daughter.


“My daughter has been one of my greatest teachers. I firmly believe that each generation heals the one before it,” she wrote.

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