Actress Candice Modiselle opens up about self-love and being the best version of herself


Actress and presenter Candice Modiselle has opened up on Instagram about self-love and staying true to the best version of herself

We often look to the experienced, rich and famous for advice. And this week, the former Generations: The Legacy star wanted to connect with her fans in a new series of videos on IGTV.

Candice Modiselle

Though Candice frequently uses IG live videos, the star says she wants to make more transparent and meaningful videos to impart her knowledge to her followers in a Sunday IGTV show she calls ‘Bite-Sized Sundays’.

Her first lesson was about missing our blessing because we care too much about what others think.

I feel as though a lot of young people are trying to hold on to something. The lesson that I have learnt that has brought me to this place that I am at in my life is that your blessings will not locate you if you are concerned about abantu bazothini?” said Candice

Candice Modiselle

The star went on to remind young people trying to break into the entertainment industry to stay true themselves and dance to beat of their own drum.

Candice Modiselle

“If you are fully obsessed with wanting to perform an identity that isn’t true to who you are, wanting to fulfil the expectations of this world, you will never fully enjoy the beauty of who you are destined to be,” said Candice.

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