Police called in as reality TV star Innocent Matijane and his relative heavily beat up each other in the club

Actor, radio host, and reality TV star Innocent Matijane was involved in a fight. According to his Twitter thread on Monday, the fight happened on Sunday night between a The Way Ngingakhona reality show cast member and his relative. It was apparently so bad that police had to be called. In his thread, he did […]

I feel like committing suicide – Inno Matijane breaks, dumped by his family

Inno Matijane has depression. And the reality TV star and social media sensation said he was even considering ending his life. The 22-year-old, who shot to fame with his catchy videos, said his family wasn’t there for him and he felt alone. “I feel like committing suicide because of the things I’ve been going through […]

Video of Reality TV star Inno Matijane k!ssing & t0uching another Man causes chaos – Watch

The video has since received a lot of mixed reactions, people sharing their thoughts on what can been the two men doing in the video. Reality TV star Inno Matijane has caused a stir on social media. This after he posted a video, in which he is f0ndling and kissing MJ, who also stars in […]