Deep-fried ice cream with rum and raisin sauce – Recipe

The perfect combination of hot and cold. Prepare the ice cream balls in advance for an impressive dinner party dessert. Ingredients For the ice cream 1 litre/1¾ pints vanilla ice cream 150g/5½oz ginger nut biscuits 75g/2½oz desiccated coconut 2 free-range eggs, beaten 2 tbsp coconut cream vegetable oil, for deep frying For the rum and […]

Steamed pork and prawn dumplings – Recipe

These dumplings are great when served at a party as a shared snack or make a wonderful starter to an Asian feast. Ingredients For the stock 250ml/9fl oz chicken stock prawn shells (see below) ginger and garlic peel (see below) chilli trimmings (see below) 1 garlic clove, peeled For the prawn dumplings 150g/5½oz raw shelled […]

Vegan chilli with peanut butter cabbage – Recipe

Polenta is just another name for cornmeal and could easily be substituted here. The vegetable chilli is just as good served cold. Ingredients For the chilli 3 tbsp olive oil 1 small onion, chopped 2 carrots, diced ½ red pepper, seeds removed and chopped ½ yellow pepper, seeds removed and chopped ½ green pepper, seeds […]

Easy chicken chow mein – Recipe

Cook this authentic Chinese stir-fry in less than ten minutes, adding any crisp seasonal vegetables you fancy. Ingredients 150g/5oz medium egg noodles dash toasted sesame oil 300g/11oz skinless chicken breast fillets, sliced into strips 2 tbsp light soy sauce 1 tsp five-spice powder 1 tsp chilli sauce (optional) 1 tbsp cornflour 1 tbsp groundnut oil […]

Caribbean chicken with rice and peas – Recipe

Look for very ripe plantains to make this taste of the Caribbean: rum chicken, rice and peas, tropical slaw and fried plantain. Ingredients For the chicken ½ onion ½ tsp ground coriander 1 tsp ground cumin 4 thyme sprigs, leaves picked 4 garlic cloves, finely chopped 2 tbsp finely chopped parsley 4 tbsp rapeseed oil […]

Easy smoked mackerel fishcakes – Recipe

Smoked mackerel fish cakes go well with this zesty chickpea salad. Ingredients 300g/10½oz mashed potato 300g/10½oz smoked mackerel, flaked, any bones removed 1 tbsp chopped parsley 2 tsp horseradish cream salt and freshly ground black pepper 100g/3½oz plain flour 2 free-range eggs, beaten 100g/3½oz polenta vegetable oil, for frying For the salad 100g/3½oz ready-made mayonnaise […]

Coconut and sticky rice pudding with lime and papaya salad – Recipe

Here’s a great dessert to end a Thai feast. You’ll need a visit to an Asian supermarket to source the sticky rice, lime leaves and papaya – and plenty of time for soaking the rice. Well worth it. Ingredients 200g/7oz Thai sticky rice 1 x 400ml/14fl oz can coconut milk ¼ tsp salt 50g/1¾oz palm […]

This is how to make perfect crispy roast potatoes

This is how to make perfect crispy roast potatoes. You can swap the lard for duck or goose fat for equally delicious results. Ingredients 10 large King Edward potatoes, peeled, cut into large chunks 50g/1¾oz lard, dripping or vegetable oil 2 pinches sea salt Method Preheat the oven to 200C/180C Fan/Gas 6. Simmer the potatoes […]