Zodwa Wabantu misses first Ben 10 Ntobeko, reveals their Photo together in bed

Entertainer and reality show star Zodwa Wabantu, is the epitome of umjolo will show you flames, but despite the drama she faces home-girl continues to search for new love. Yesterday the dancer had many waking up at ungodly hours, to launch a manhunt for his ex-boyfriend Vusi Buthelezi, after she offered a reward to anyone […]

Zodwa Wabantu 1

Zodwa Wabantu kisses young boy who attended her show – I am single & I do what I want

Zobwa Wabantu seems to be taking her break up from Ben 10 Ntobeko with ease, or rather recklessly the dancer recently posted a photo of herself kissing a random guy who attended one of her shows with a caption below. I’m Single. Don’t ever ask me about Anything. I feel I have to Address it […]

Zodwa Wabantu and bae

Zodwa Wabantu says haters are hating that her Ben 10 is well-behaved

SA entertainer, Zodwa Wabantu, and her man, Ntobeko, are often criticised because of the age difference between them. However, Zodwa feels they get so much hate because Ntobeko is a decent guy. Zodwa Wabantu and her ‘Ben 10’, Ntobeko, are sharing a healthy and happy relationship despite people talking negatively about them. Zodwa says her […]