This Video of Natasha Thahane & Nozuko Ncayiyane singing will make your day – Watch

Natasha Thahane and Nozuko Ncayiyane‘s singing session has everyone reaching out to do the same with their BFF’s! It’s rare to find strong and authentic sisterhood’s among Mzansi celebs hence many of them are prone to all things plastic and vanity. But with a squad such as Natasha and Pretty’s, its evident that these two […]

Scandal actress Nozuko Ncayiyane is ready to break the poverty chain

After some introspection Scandal! actress Nozuko (Pretty) Ncayiyane has decided she is not willing to end up in poverty and has taken a vow to get her bag no matter what challenges she faces. The actress recently took to Instagram to re-affirm her goal to kick poverty in its butt. Dear black child… At this […]

Natasha Thahane sends a warm and sweet shout-out to Nozuko Ncayiyane

Natasha Thahane wanted her friend, Nozuko Ncayiyane, to feel special on her birthday – Nozuko celebrated her birthday and Natasha penned a short but touching message to her dear friend – Natasha showed appreciation forever meeting Nozuko and becoming friends with her. Actress, Natasha Thahane, used her Instagram account to show a close and dear […]