Shauwn Mkhize Still Partying During Lockdown – has the law on gatherings changed?

Businesswoman and reality TV star Shauwn Mkhize once again headed out of her home to attend a birthday celebration during the lockdown. Lockdown regulations may have eased with the advanced level 3 but that doesn’t mean that life has returned back to normal, well in certain parts of the country. Gatherings are not permitted but […]

She turns 27: Shauwn Mkhize’s Birthday message to daughter, Sbahle Mpisane is the sweetest

Today marks the 27th birthday of The Fitness Bunny – Sbahle Mpisane. Her mother, MamKhize took to social media this morning to wish her daughter a happy birthday in a heartfelt letter. “Today I would like to wish my baby girl, my PRINCESS, Sebastian Sbahle Mpisane a happy birthday,” she wrote in part. “My dearest […]

MaMkhize’s relationship advice: “Work on your toxic traits”

As the lockdown continues to reveal the real state of many people’s relationships in celebville and on the social media streets, wealthy businesswoman and reality TV star MaMkhize has shared some relationship advice for those who might need it. MaMkhize took to Instagram to say that as much as a country cannot be ruled using […]


Should Mndeni forgive MaMkhize? #eHostelaMzansi

Set in the heart of a KwaZulu Natal’s KwaMashu township, eHostela tackles the story of two sons whose bond is bound in secrets and sealed by guns. Can a family stay loyal when not tied by blood? Mndeni is shocked when Mam’Mkhize changes her testimony and he is accused of killing Mancinza. He is put on trial. The […]