Photos: Mzansi shocked by siblings Khanyi Mbau and Lasizwe’s big feet

Sibling media personalities, Lasizwe Dambuza and Khanyi Mbau have been trolled for their personal relationships, their lifestyles, their big feet, and many more. Dambuza has been body-shamed and dragged for his big feet as early as 2017 when he’d just arrived in the industry. While Mbau has been trolled for her skin bleaching, plastic surgeries […]

Lasizwe Dambuza’s relationship ends in tears

Lasizwe Dambuza’s recent romance reads like a soap opera script. This as he went from making his love public to being dribbled in less than a month. While he made his social media followers envious with posts of his bae on Valentine’s Day, the star’s relationship soon ended in tears. He soon found out that […]

Lasizwe’s #JohnVuliGateChallenge leaves Fans in tears – Video

As they expected out of him, Fans are in tears of laughter after the hilarious #JohnVuliGateChallenge of Lasizwe who also decided to show his moves. Social media influencer and TV personality Lasizwe Dambuza, has left his fans in stitches with his John Vuli Gate Challenge. The social influencer instead of just dancing it out, Lisaziwe […]

Lasizwe breathes fire, hits back at a mother who asked him to change his ways

Lasizwe Dambuza has been slammed by a parent who says he is a bad role model to children who follow him on social media. The YouTuber has shared a video on social media where he addresses this claim and warns other parents to not come at him sideways. The comedian who has openly talked about […]

Lasizwe Responds to Allegations that he is Dating Somizi’s hubby Mohale

Flamboyant media personality Lasizwe Dambuza, has come out with guns blazing, to set the record straight that he is not having an affair with Som-Gaga’s husband, Mohale Motaung. This follows after the infamous Twitter profile Mr Handsome, recently tweeted that Mohale and Lasizwe are an item but Lasizwe has shutdown the allegations and his clap-back […]

Lasizwe and actor Cedric Fourie’s relationship ended in tears

Lasizwe Dambuza and Cedric Fourie‘s friendship, or whatever you call it, has been one hell of a ride. The pair won the hearts of many fans by giving Mzansi a sneak peek of their friendship goals on Lasizwe’s hit reality show Fake It Till You Make It and with their sizzling content on social media. […]

Lasizwe issues apology for an insensitive post about Teenage Pregnancy

Reality TV star Lasizwe Dambuza has ruffled furthers with his recent controversial tweet about a new television show. Commenting on a Moja Love’s new reality show, “Teenage Pregnancy,” the star alluded to the situation being a result of the teenagers’ promiscuous behaviour. This show on Moja Love called #TeenagePregnancy so interesting bathong! Nihamba ni lala! […]

Lasizwe Dambuza heartbroken after he was sabotaged by a close person

Youtuber and reality show star Lasizwe Dambuza, has taken to social media to share how heartbroken he is. This is after he was sabotaged by a close person in his circle. Lasizwe said he just found out that one person has been disclosing information to the media that he shared with him. Although Lasizwe did […]

Lasizwe wants Mzansi to go back to #level5 Lockdown

As the number of new Covid19 cases keeps rising higher and higher, this has raised concern for many South Africans, including YouTuber and Influencer Lasizwe Dambuza. Dambuza took to Twitter to voice his concern over the spread of the coronavirus. He started off by asking if any of his followers have the Covid19 virus or […]

Best looks on Instagram this week

Just because you’re all curled up in your pajamas doesn’t mean everyone is under-dressed. In fact, there are people who are still serving the hottest looks just to chill at home and we’re loving it. From a full facebeat to sleek outfits, they leave no stone upturned . These are our favourite Instagram looks of […]