Police called in as reality TV star Innocent Matijane and his relative heavily beat up each other in the club

Actor, radio host, and reality TV star Innocent Matijane was involved in a fight. According to his Twitter thread on Monday, the fight happened on Sunday night between a The Way Ngingakhona reality show cast member and his relative. It was apparently so bad that police had to be called. In his thread, he did […]

Aaron Moloisi and Innocent Matijane confirm their relationship

Aaron Moloisi has put fans in a frenzy when he revealed his new bae and it’s non-other than Moja Love’s Innocent Matijane. The two media personalities broke the internet when they came out as a couple and shared a picture that tells a thousand words. But, they solidified their relationship with the word “finally. This […]

My culture doesn’t allow me to help gays or lesbians – Shop owner refuses to sell Innocent Matijane a cold drink

After a season of the reality show The Way Ngingakhona, one of its stars was hoping it was going to educate people about the LGBTQ+ community. But this was seemingly not the case. One of the show’s stars, Innocent Matijane, is furious after a shop owner allegedly refused to help him because of his s.e.xuality. […]

Innocent Matijane details how he got to be in #TheWayNgingakhona

Moja Love’s latest reality show, “The Way Ngingakhona”, follows  three friends showing viewers some of their daily activities and revealing moments of pride and struggles faced by the LGBTQI+ community. It stars social media star Innocent Matijane, Tholang Motsumi and MJ Maponya. We caught up with Innocent. How did your involvement in “The Way Ngingakhona” come […]