9 year old Boy marries 6 year old Girl



Two primary school kids were wed and even given their own “matrimonial hut” in an event that stunned many in the eastern Ugandan village.

According to Daily Monitor, the unnamed boy (9) and girl (6) got married in a formal cultural event in Nakapyata Village in Buyende District last weekend.

This despite Ugandan laws making it illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to get married. It seems the parents of both kids accepted it as a good idea because both of the youngsters are advanced beyond their years.

They apparently started “dating” when the boy was just three and the girl three months old.

The fact that both were born “with two teeth” seems to be a major part of the parents motivation to let them get on immediately with being married adults.

Delifazi Mulame, the boy’s father said: “My son was born with two teeth and his wife was also born with two teeth. His birth came with overwhelming blessings and his name should unite both Baganda and Basoga tribes.”

Barbra Namulesa, the boy’s teacher at Buyende Light Primary School, said that the boy’s exceptional manner and wisdom led her to believe he was a special incarnation of the ancestors.

The girl’s mum, Mwadi Mutesi (38) also described her daughter’s miraculously advanced ways.

“She started speaking immediately after birth! When I went into labour, I asked what baby it was and I was told it was a girl. However, the midwife stunned me when she said my baby had been born with two teeth and I nearly dropped her.”

She added: “My immediate fear was how to breastfeed a baby with teeth. I was, however, comforted by my sister-in-law who was with me at the hospital.”

At the wedding, the gathering was in a state of semi-terror as two-meter-long snakes sat next to the boy and girl, a measure the elders said to protect the newlyweds.

The Busoga North Regional cop spokesman, Michael Kasadha, said: “Any acts of marriage must be between people who are 18 years old and above. Below that, you cannot marry. We want to find out the real facts of what it is all about.”

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