60 in-demand jobs in Australia that South Africans can apply for

60 in demand jobs in Australia
60 in demand jobs in Australia


Australia has undergone a number of visa reforms over the last year in a bid to curb high immigration levels.

This includes reducing the number of jobs which would be eligible for a temporary visa by over 200 occupations and a possible ban on immigrants moving to Sydney and Melbourne.

However, the country is still a popular choice for many South Africans, with July 2018 data showing that a combined 5,397 South Africans left for the country over a period of a year.

Looking at this data, skill stream visas are by far the most popular way for South Africans to move to the country, with a total of 4,419 South African applicants on this visa type.


In comparison, a total of 672 applicants were on the ‘family stream  ‘and 288 on ‘non-programme migration’.


While no information was provided on exactly which jobs were most popular on the skill stream visa, in recent months there has been an increase in demand for electricians and plumbers.

60 in-demand jobs in Australia

Sable International said that while cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Perth continue to become more developed, rural areas in regional Australia are slowly but surely becoming more urban. In both the big cities and regional territories, the key skills of trade workers are needed to keep this development going strong.

“The current supply of trade workers is simply not satisfying the demand in Oz, which is why occupations like bricklayers, building inspectors, plumbers and electricians continue to feature on Australia’s list of eligible skilled occupations.”

Other trade jobs such as bricklayers and building inspectors are also in demand and consistently feature on Australia’s list of eligible skilled occupations.

However, there are a number of other jobs in demand across the country and the Australian Department of Home Affairs keeps a detailed list of these occupations as well as the visa you would need to apply here.

In addition, BusinessTech highlighted at more than 60 of these jobs below.


Demanding Jobs

Demanding Jobs

Demanding Jobs

60 in-demand jobs

60 in-demand jobs


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