2 teenagers bust for armed robbery


Two suspects were arrested for possession of an unlicensed firearm and armed robbery in Nyanga township in Cape Town.

Police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk said the vigilance of police resulted in the arrest of the suspects, who had robbed a learner who was walking to school.

“The learner was walking in the street when the suspects approached him. One pointed him with a firearm and the other demanded his cellphone,” said Van Wyk.

He said a scuffle ensued, and the suspects managed to flee with the cellphone.

“The victim flagged down a police vehicle on patrol and reported the robbery. A search ensued, which led to the arrest of the two suspects, aged 15 and 16,” he said. According to Van Wyk, the 15-year-old was found in possession of the unlicensed firearm while the 16-year-old was in possession of the stolen cellphone.

Resident Luyolo Ntwana said kids didn’t fear guns anymore.

“The drugs that these kids smoke give them power. They are not afraid of killing people. Kids their age are supposed to be playing games, not robbing people,” said Ntwana.

He added that cops needed to make an example of them so they don’t repeat the same thing.

“In our townships, we are being terrorized by kids. The tables have turned.

Instead of getting respect from them, we give them respect because we are afraid of getting shot,” said Ntwana.

Another resident said although the police were doing all they can, they were fighting a losing battle.

“The problem is that we have both innocent and dirty cops. I might not have the evidence, but these kids get their guns from these cops. Crime in our communities will never end,” added the resident.

Another resident Khanyisile Mzila said underage kids had been committing most crimes because they knew they were not going to stay in jail.

“The bastards know very well that our government will be on their side by saying they are underage. So they won’t stay in jail. They kill people almost every day, yet don’t get punished,” said Mzila.

She said residents needed to stand up together and fight crime.

“These are our kids, and they are often known in our communities. We just need to meet up with their parents and try to end crime because innocent people are losing their lives,” added Mzila.

-daily sun

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