Two ladies from Clicks have joined in on the new dance craze in SA, the #JohnVuliGateChallenge. The lovely ladies can be seen showing off their moves in a Clicks store clad in their work clothes. The video was uploaded to Twitter by @KaygeeMedia recently and gained over 160 000 views on the app.

With a new dance craze taking over the country, it’s amazing to see people coming together once again to participate. Two ladies from Clicks recently joined in on the #JohnVuliGateChallenge and South Africans love it.

A video of the lovely ladies, dressed in their Clicks uniform, was uploaded to Twitter by @KaygeeMadiba yesterday. The clip is a mere 14 seconds long but the two ladies are more than capable of showing off their moves in that short space of time.

@KaygeeMadiba’s video has been viewed over 160 000 times on the social networking site and the likes are just above 5 000. A lot of tweeps in the replies section are in stitches because a child in red ran behind the ladies then returned to watch.

Take a look at the ladies moves below:

Here’s what some tweeps had to say:


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